Chinese Cultural Performance at 2012 KC Ethnic Event
by Cindy Wang(15 years old)

Organized by Jasmine, the Chinese cultural performance on Saturday, Aug 18th, 2012 at Kansas City Annual Ethnic Festival was a great success. The Jasmine Chinese Dance Group provided a wide variety of performances, including a guzheng performance by Ming Yi. The guzheng is a traditional Chinese instrument with multiple strings, like those on a guitar, running across it. Typically played by women, they will often apply fake nails to the fingers that resemble a guitar pick. In addition to musical performances, Jasmine also provided

group photo

several dances, such as the children's Chinese red ribbon dance and "Dai" dance, the Yang Ge dance, performedby teens, and the adult Chinese ethnic "Yi" dance. The audience enjoyed the performances, and showed a special interest to the performers; vivid costumes. Says one enthusiastic audience member, " I love the costumes so much! They are so beautiful and delicate, and the colors! Just gorgeous!" Many audience members also requested to take photos with the performers.

Jasmine Dancer at Kansas NAM Pegant
by Jasmine Board

Selected as a finalist in May, Jasmine youth member Cindy Wang, a sophomore at the Pembroke Hill School, participated in the National American Miss pageant in Wichita on July 22nd. Wang participated in a series of competitions including Personal Introduction, Personal Interview, Formal Dress, and many more. Competitors were judged based on personality, uniqueness, communication skills, proper etiquette, and general poise. Enrolled in a variety of different competitions, Wang was quite successful in all. She received 1st place in the


Talent Competition, 5th Place in the Spokesmodel Competition, and was placed in the Top 15 out of more than one hundred girls competing for the Miss Kansas Jr. Teen title. "I signed up to perform two talents in the Talent Competition. I played piano for one and performed a peacock dance for the other," recalls Wang, "I chose to perform a Chinese folk dance because it is a unique part about me and reflects my heritage. I also love dancing, so it was the perfect opportunity for me. Both the judges and the audience seemed to enjoy it very much since it was something that they had never seen before." Although the piano performance won Wang the competition, her dance performance also earned high marks. She received a 7.6, just a mere point away from making it to the final round.

Wang started Chinese folk dancing as early as age five through the local Chinese New Year Celebration. She joined Jasmine in 2008 when it was founded, and Wang is now a Jasmine youth director. She currently leads the Jasmine "Giving Heart" community service program, providing performance to local KC local senior homes regularly to enlighten the life of seniors.

I love Chinese folk dances because of the variations in style and movement. Also, the costumes are so gorgeous. They're all so intricate, yet all so different, like the dances themselves. For instance, for the peacock dance I performed at the pageant, the costume was a long, white dress covered in sequins and beads. Honestly, I think the costume might be 50% of the appeal," Wang laughs. She continues, "Then you have all the different props, you know, the silky fans, the bright handkerchiefs. In the years I have been with Jasmine, I have explored a few different folk dances, such as Yang Ge dance, Mongolian dance, and Xinjiang dance, and I have been able to use a lot of those props. But no matter what you're performing or what prop you're using, every dance is so vivid and joyful, and I just love being able to share that joy with others."

The Performance at Blue Valley West High School
by Cindy Wang(15 years old)

The Jasmine Chinese Dance Group attended a cultural event at Blue Valley West High School on Friday, April 27, 2012. Angela Jiang, Elaine Zhu, Lucy Li, Gracie Crabtree, Elan Jiang, Anna Tang, Jet Patterson, and Cindy Wang all gave wonderful performances and impressed everyone. Elan Jiang performed a cute Han umbrella dance called “Rain in March,” Anna Tang and Jet Patterson performed a beautiful and elegant Han dance named “Jasmine,” and Angela Jiang, Elaine Zhu, Lucy Li, Gracie Crabtree, and Cindy Wang


performed a festive and cheerful Yangko dance with colorful handkerchiefs, fans, and costumes. The audience was excited to experience Chinese culture through dances and applauded loudly for all three dances. Overall, the performance was a great success!

The Performance at Park Hill South High School
by Mulan Jiang(10 years old)

On Saturday, March 31st, 2012 KCCAA Dance Group and the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group together did a performance at the Park Hill South High School for an ethnic festival. Together, they represented China in this festival. First off, was the fan dance “Flying Kites” performed by the KCCAA dance group. Next, was the umbrella dance “Rain in March” done by Elan Jiang, Audrey Che, and Jessica Chen from the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group After them were the Mongolian dancers Clara and Renny Ma from the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group


performing “The Beautiful Prairie.” Fourth to perform were Anna Tang and Mulan Jiang also from the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group dancing the Han dance “Jasmine”. Last, but not least, was the Yi dance “Calling Shade” performed by the KCCAA Dance Group. Congratulations to all!

Chinese New Year Celebration at Santa Marta
by Mulan Jiang(10 years old)

On Saturday January 28th 2012, six members of the Jasmine Dance Group joined the Chinese New Year Celebration at Santa Marta senior living community. They were Cindy Wang, Mulan Jiang, Jet Pattson, Audrey Che, and Elan Jiang. Together, all six did a fabulous lantern parade led by Cindy bringing holiday spirits to all. Next, Elan and Audrey Che performed a wonderful long fan dance that was so bright and


cheerful. Also, Jet and Mulan danced Jasmine, a beautiful andgraceful performance. The lantern parade and the two dances were all done three times in three different places in the SantaMarta senior living community. Everyone did their performances exceedingly well.

A Wonderful Night at Nelson-Atkins Art Museum
by Cindy Wang(14 years old)

On Friday, January 27 2012, the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group presented many of their beautiful dances at the Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. Those dances included an upbeat opening dance, a peacock dance named Beautiful Peacock, a Dai dance called Calling Shade, an umbrella dance, Rain in March, a fan dance by the name of Flying Kites, a Han dance, Jasmine, and a lantern parade. All of the dances except for Calling Shade and Flying Kites were performed by Jasmine youth members.


Although the halls of the museum were crowded with people, no one was unnerved, and the performance was a great success. According to museum stuff, about 3000 people were in attendance, and all were awed by the beautiful costumes and wonderful dances.

2012 KCCAA Chinese New Year Gala
by Cindy Wang(14 years old)

The 2012 KCCAA Chinese New Year Gala occurred on Sunday, January 22 2012. The Jasmine Chinese Dance Group performed the “opening” dance at the event, in which total 38 Jasmine youth members from ages 5-15 performed. This energetic dance features many different types of Chinese dance, ranging from handkerchiefs to red ribbon to drums. The costumes were also very colorful, and added to the overall effect. The performance was a great success.

winners with trophy

The 2nd annual KCCAA Community Service Award was also presented that night to seven individuals. Among those seven individuals, two were Jasmine members Cindy Wang and Elaine Zhu who received 2nd place and 3rd place. The KCCAA Community Service Award recognizes exemplary young people in the Kansas City Area who have participated in large amounts of community service. It was once again sponsored by Black & Veatch Corp. and Waddell & Reed.

The 2nd Annual Kansas City Chinese Dance Competition
by Mulan Jiang(10 years old)

On January 22nd 2012, KCCAA successfully hosted its second annual dance competition. This year, the contestants ages ranged from 6 to 14. Each performed wonderful dances in traditional style costumes, showing the strong influence of Chinese dance among the younger generations. The three amazing judges that judged the competition this year were the dance director from the Legacy School of the Arts Michelle Hamlet-Weith and two Chinese dance teachers Wang Zhi Jie and Cui Chun Jie. Special thanks to Chinese Culture Connection for sponsoring the event.


Jasmine dance group members Mulan Jiang, Megan Lu, Elan Jiang, Audrey Cheng, and Cindy Wang all participated in the competition. Everyone did very well. In the seven and under division, Audrey Cheng received third place and Elan Jiang was the first place winner. Mulan Jiang was the champion of the eight to eleven divisions while Megan Lu received runner up. Cindy Wang received first place in the twelve to fifteen divisions. Congratulations to all!

Jasmine in 2011
by Jasmine Board

In 2011, Jasmine Group expanded to have 49 youth members and 34 adult members. We supported 14 international cultural events in the Kansas City area, including Chinese New Year Celebration (hosted by KCCAA, Santa Martha Retirement Community, and Malaysian Association), Kansas City Ethnic Festival, New Immigrant and the American Dream: Spotlight on China, Jasmine Youth Community Service "Giving Heart" Program at Garden Terrace Senior Nursing Home, etc. Jasmine Dance Group also continued the youth leadership and writer programs to allow our youth members more opportunity to involve in community services.

We also select six youth members to be our Jasmine Youth Stars each year. The 2011 Jasmine Youth Stars go to Cindy Wang (24 hours), Megan Lu (18 hours), Anna Tang (14 hours), Jet Patterson(14 hours), Vivian Zeng (14 hours), Elan Jiang (12 hours), and Renny Ma (12 hours). Congratulations to our youth stars!

From 2011, we are starting a new award to recognize the most supporting parents based on the most performances the youth member attended. The 2011 award goes to Megan Lu’s parents - Wei Lu & Zhongling Xu! Thank them very much for their strong support.

The Fundraiser for KCCAA Youth Hope Fund at Crossroad Church
by Cindy Wang(14 years old)| Photo by Yunming Wang

On Saturday, December 12 2011, several members of the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group performed at the Kansas City Crossroads Church’s annual Christmas program. Among those performers were Audrey Che, Jessica Chen, Megan Lu, Anna Tang, and Cindy Wang. Different styles of dances were performed, including an umbrella dance, a long fan dance, Mongolian, and Han. The event was in correspondence with the KCCAA Youth Hope Fund for a fundraiser. The Youth Hope Fund is an organization that raises money for the KC

performer photo

Friendship School in China. About 100 people were in attendance, who all greatly approved of the performance. The performance itself garnered around $500, which is to be donated to the Youth Hope Fund. Another portion of money will be sent to the Beijing Migrant School.

Global Youth Forum(GYF)
by Grace Brentano(13 years old)| Photo by Chunrong Lu

On Friday November 11th, the Jasmine dance group performed for the Global Youth forum/People to people International organizations. The first dance was performed by Elan and Vivienne. It was called Rain in March and was a cheerful dance that raised spirits. The girls had no fear of the crowd of people watching, and displayed the routine wonderfully. Representing a blossoming flower the next dance was appropriately titled Jasmine. Anna, Jet, Megan and Mulan not only showcased the beautiful exterior of the jasmine flower, but also exhibited the symbolism of how much a simple thing

winners with trophy


like this can mean. Although Vivan performed solo, she was not the only one who loved the performance. This upbeat and graceful dance, titled The Moon was accompanied by music from a rather popular singer in China. The extreme differences in culture were skillfully illustrated. The final dance was performed by two of the older girls. The Yangge Dance was very lively and quick. Grace and Renny demonstrated a child’s joy and spirit that come from every day life. With smiles painted across their faces, the dance was overall very successful. Even if the sun was far below the horizon, all of these dances summoned the energy to cheer wildly for all of the performances by Jasmine dance group. Culture was displayed and an energetic atmosphere was created. On that brilliant night, a great accomplishment was reached.

The Review of 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration
by Renny Ma (13 years old)| Photo by Xiqing Ma & Yunming Wang

Co-hosted with Project-Partner, the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group’s 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration was held at the Indian Creek Community Church on February 12th. It was attended by about 300 people. Jasmine dancers as well as other dancers from the local area performed at the celebration. The opening dance was a lively Han fan dance. There was a wide variety of performances that included dances of different Chinese ethnicities such as Dai, Mongolian, Xinjiang, and Han. The night also featured performances Southern Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan by Chun Man Sit Association, Speech

by Kristen Levitt, and violin solo performance by Tatiana Ioudenitch. At the end of performances, 2010 Jasmine Youth Stars were announced. They were Cindy Wang, Clara Ma, Renny Ma, Megan Lu, April Ma, and Mimi Lu. The Jasmine Youth Star award is an annual recognition given to 1/3 of youth members who participated more community service activities on behalf of Jasmine, and displayed good attitudes during practice as well as outstanding attendance of classes. After the celebration, an authentic Chinese dinner (provided by Wei’s Super Buffet) was served to the audience. A silent auction was also held by Project-Partner for fund raising for their projects in China.

The 1st Kansas City Chinese Dance Competition
by Cindy Wang (14 years old) | Photo by Xiaohong Lei

Hosted by KCCAA, the first Kansas City Chinese Dance Competition was successfully held at JCCC on Saturday, February 5, 2011. It was sponsored by Chinese Culture Connection,LLC. The contestant's ages ranged from 5 through 16. They performed their well practiced dances in proper costumes, displaying the influence of Chinese dance among the young generation in Kansas City areas. The three judges were the dance director of Legacy School of the Arts, Michelle Hamlett-Weith, and two Chinese dance teachers Lu Yu and Linxi Li from Huazhong Normal University in China.

winners with trophy


Jasmine youth members Megan Lu, Vivian Zeng, Mimi Lu, and Cindy Wang participated in the competition. All of them received high scores for their dances. Megan Lu was champion of the Nine-Year-Old Chinese Solo Dance Intermediate Level Category; Mimi Lu took the first place and Cindy Wang received runner up in the Twelve to Fifteen Year Old Chinese Solo Dance Intermediate Level Category; Megan Lu, Vivian Zeng and Mimi Lu won the champion of Nine to Twelve Year Old Trio Chinese folk Dance Intermediate Level Category.

KCCAA Community Service Award
by Cindy Wang (14 years old)

KCCAA presented its first ever Community Service Award at its 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at Yardley Hall of JCCC. It was sponsored by Waddell & Reed, and Black & Veatch Corp. This Community Service Award recognizes exemplary young people in the Kansas City Area who have participated in large amounts of community service. The award was awarded to six outstanding young individuals. Out of those six, three were Jasmine members Mimi Lu, Grace Brentano, and Cindy Wang.

Jamsine Winners

2010 Chinese New Year Celebration
by Cindy Wang (14 years old)

Jasmine Chinese Dance Group will be hosting a 2010 Chinese New Year Celebration from 6:00pm to 9:30pm on Saturday, Jan. 30th, 2010. The event will take place at the Old Auditorium in Indian Creek Community Church (12480 S Blackbob Rd. Olathe, KS), featuring Chinese folk dances, authentic Chinese food, and interactive Tibetan folk Guo Zhuang dance.

Before the celebration starts, volunteers will be making Chinese dumplings from 2:00pm to 5:30pm to serve later during the event. Dumplings are a traditional food that Chinese people have for dinner on Chinese New Year Eve. Long ago, people chose to eat dumplings to connote their wishes for good fortune in the new year. There is no specific filling for the dumpling, but the wrapping must be exquisite in order for the dumpling to look attractive.

While celebrating Chinese New Year, Jasmine group would like to celebrate its success in the past years. All Jasmine dance programs in the past two years will be performed in the celebration. Click here to view program pictures and descriptions.

Besides dance performances, you can also enjoy a string quartet performed by four middle school students. .

Jamsine Winners