The Jasmine Chinese Dance Group has been playing an active role in the greater Kansas City area since its founding in 2008, enriching people's lives and supporting local cultural events. Click on any year number listed above to get a glance at what the Jasmine dancers have done in the past. To give back to local communities, youth member Cindy Wang started the Jasmine Youth Giving Heart Community Service Program in 2011, whose purpose is to enlighten and enrich others' lives though dance performances. Through this program, Cindy has led Jasmine youth dancers to perform at local senior homes, starting with biyearly performances and later moving on to monthly performances in March 2013.

Besides performing at senior homes, Cindy started to fundraise through dance performances in Jasmine Youth Giving Heart Program in 2012. They have donated their first check of $1,000 to the Operation Breakthrough Summer Enrichment Program, which will go towards programs that help impoverished children with literacy.

Right after their 1st donation to Operation Breakthrough, in July, Cindy put her another idea of fundraiser for OB in action. On September 15th, Jasmine Youth Giving Heart Prorgam successfully hosted the dinner with cultural performancers named Giving Heart on Moon Festival, which was proudly sponsored by Bo Ling's, Chinese Cultural Connection, Pembroke Hill Asian Club, and Operation Breakthrough. This dinner ultimately raised more than $1,300 for OB's 2014 summer program.

Through 2 months preparation, on September 7th, 2014, Cindy led the Giving Heart host the 2nd Annual Moon Festival Benefit Dinner for OB, through which they raised $2,600 for OB's 2015 Summer Program. The dinner was held at the Indian Creek Church, and about 200 people attended the dinner.
Thank You Card from OB

The Letter from Operation Breakthrough on September 14th, 2014

Dear Jasmine Dancers & Adult Leaders,

The 2014 Moon Festival dinner and performancewere absolutely wonderful. We can never thank you enough for all the hard work you put into the dancing, costumes, food, decorations and tickets sales. Tou did an amazing job, and your efforts will make a big difference in the lives of Operation Breakthrough's children. The $2,600 you raised will make it possible for 120 at-risk children to go on field trips next summer. These children might not otherwise get to go to the zoo or art classes or swimming lessons because their families just don't have the extra money to take them. Thanks to you, our children will get to learn from new experiences, It is so good of you to think of them. Your friendship means a lot to us!

Best wishes,
Jennifer Heinemann and all at OB

Moon Festival Cultural Fundraiser photo
The Letter from Operation Breakthrough on September 16th, 2013

Dear Jasmine Chinese Dance Group Members,

We canít thank you enough for putting on such a beautiful fundraiser for the children of Operation Breakthrough. You introduced us to many new people by working so hard to spread the word about the dinner and sign up guests. That exposure is priceless. On top of that, you helped us gather together some of our longtime supporters and show them a good time. Everyone raved about the food and what an enjoyable evening they had. That goodwill is priceless, as well. And to top it all off, you raised more than $1,300 for summer activities for our schoolage children. These are children who might otherwise be home alone all summer, in unsafe neighborhoods. With your help, they will be able to spend their summer days here at Operation Breakhtrough, working on reading skills, learning to swim, engaging in arts classes and performing community service. You are making a big difference in their lives. Operation Breakthrough is so lucky to have your friendship. We appreciate you!

Warmest thanks,
Jennifer & all at Operation Breakthrough

At Operation Breakthrough
The Letter from Operation Breakthrough on June 28, 2013

Dear Jasmine Chinese Dance Group,

We cannot thank you enough for all your kindness. It was so good of you to visit Operation Breakthrough and spend time with the children. You were a hit with the little kids and the big kids! And everyone is hoping that you will come back. We would love to see you dance and learn about Chinese culture. We are honored that you focused your service on our children.

Your $1,000 donation for our summer enrichment program is amazing! You raised more funds than many adult groups who set out to help here. We know that this gift represents a lot of hard work on your part, practicing and performing. It means a great deal to us that you want to make a difference for the children of Operation Breakthrough with this gift. And you definitely will! The childrenís families do not have the money to pay for their activities here, so Operation Breakthrough has to raise funds for anything special that they get to do, such as African dance and drum lessons, field trips and athletics. Your donation will make it possible for our school-age children to have some fun and educational opportunities that they would not otherwise experience. Thank you so much for thinking of them. Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,
Jennifer Heinemann & all at OB

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